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At Miraflo Ventures, we speak less and do more. Our message is succinct and straight to the point. We provide powerfully packaged actionable advice and the outcomes are exponentially rewarding. We have modeled our prowess in business expertise from years of mentoring and advising companies since 2011. If you are looking for reliable and executable advice, then look no further for you with us, are in good hands.

Our goal as experienced business experts is to assist your company in realizing its growth ambitions and especially in investment readiness thus significantly enhancing your Company’s capability to attract international and domestic private as well as public funding.

The Structure Of The Consultation

At the beginning of the cooperation, we familiarize ourselves with the current state of the customer's operations and future prospects, and we agree on working methods and schedules. We choose the development targets and work on practical measures together.

We also help systematically develop the Company's capabilities to take the whole product to the global market and enter in a business relationship with select lead customers or channels. Miraflo will facilitate hands-on business management and active participation coupled with strategy definition and guidance to the Company. In durable collaboration arrangements, Miraflo Ventures will engage in daily operations filling gaps, as deemed fit.

Here are some of the activities spelt out:

Brand and Marketing Communication

  • Creating, implementing and, when needed, re-aligning Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Creating a marketing message and value proposition for prospective clients
  • Generating sales leads and implementing a proper sales process
  • Creating and implementing partnering strategy
  • International market studies
  • Building an international service concept


  • Managing relationships with private and public funding source
  • Defining and implementing funding strategy
  • Supervising and participating hands on in designing and creation of the investor deck
  • Identifying and engaging with potential investors
We provide international market studies for companies alongside the formulation of an international service concept.

Typical Activities

Our initial contact with the customer is a remote meeting where a situation picture is formed. Consequently a tentative theme is formulated. Once the requested materials have been delivered to us, the preliminary task is to perform a DNA test of your company. Since every business case is unique, a theme is curated and tailored according to the company's needs. We then proceed to consulting according to the theme.

Growth Coaching

We perform a financial analysis to produce small agile actions, insights and successes that create great impact. Our purpose in the service is to increase the competence of the Core Management Team so that the growth and learning competence continues, even after the end of the consultation.The consultation is carried out either virtually or face to face depending on the agreement with the client.