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Miraflo Ventures is based in Finland, which is in the very heart of novel ideas and booming innovations. Our core service is overall business development and growth coaching which includes international market studies for companies alongside the formulation of an international service concept.

The Founder
Florence Korhonen

Florence is the Director at Miraflo Ventures Ltd, an investment and global business services company in Finland, facilitating growth solutions for entrepreneurs with global ambitions.

Florence founded NFBAN – Nordic Female Business Angel Network, an organization established in 2015. NFBAN works at closing the gender gap in angel investing. For more female angel investors means increased funding opportunities for startups.

She works with seed and early stage startups as an advisor, a mentor and angel investor. She also liaises with investors as a business expert evaluator.

Her focus areas of advocacy are financial inclusion, female investor networks and female entrepreneurship. Core investment areas include ESG investing and transformative business models that link a disruptive technology to an emerging market need.

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