Fostering investment and entrepreneurship across the globe.

Miraflo's partnership with its clients begins with understanding their business needs and investment objectives. Miraflo Global then helps companies seeking to have presence in the global market and through the company's robust global networks, helps in the identification of strategic partners.

Miraflo Ventures is an advocate for investor networks, entrepreneurship, economic empowerment and investment for environmental and social good.

At Miraflo Ventures we refrain from being “the know it all”. Instead we are big on learning, for learning is a lifelong journey. We embrace the learning experience from every single interaction. Our treasure trove of lessons learnt guide us in the right direction and sound decision making. Thus we are hands on, spot on and bang on!


" When I started communication with Miraflo and especially Florence Korhonen I understood that I found a great partner that I can trust. We generated ideas, find out new clients, onboard new partnerships and investors. We are collaborating about 1 year for now and I believe we have very light future with great achievements. "

Eugene Palchevsky
CEO & Founder of Tap2Pay

" Happy to see that I actually contributed to spread the Startup Europe Awards initiative in Finland! I introduced the opportunity to to Florence Korhonen and I take this opportunity to congrats with all the amazing Country Managers who committed to organize SEUA competitions around Europe and gave such great startups the opportunity to gain visibility at the EU level. "

Marika Mazzi Boém, EBA
H2020 Expert at European Commission

" Winning and being awarded as the Top Energy Startup in the EU at the Startup EU Awards by the European Parliament and European Commission is truly a great achievement for team Tespack Ltd! What a great honour to receive the award from the President of European Parliament and for the MEP Inese Vaidere to hand it over to us at the European Parliament in Brussels. "

Carrita Seppä
COO & Co-founder @Tespack Ltd., Tech Entrepreneur
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